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Put up more bourbon barrel aged maple syrup

2 days ago, I packed 2 bourbon barrels (5 gal each) with hot maple syrup for a friend, the same friend who introduced me to aging maple syrup in bourbon barrels. Next I’ve got to heat some syrup up after the current cold spell and fill 2 barrels for my next batches, these will be 10 gal each.

We are in the middle of our first real snow of the season. It snowed last night so I had to clear snow today and just after noon today the bottom fell out of the thermometer. Tonight will be our coldest since the middle of Feb.  I’ll just wait until a little milder weather moves in to fill my next 2 barrels.

Christmas sales have been real good, for both regular maple syrup and for the bourbon barrel aged maple syrup.

For those ordering for Christmas gifts, please order by 12/14 for the best chances to get delivery before Christmas, orders placed after 12/14 may not arrive before Christmas.

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