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Sugarhouse woods, tubing is all ready

Today I finished repairs that were needed on the mainlines at the woods around the sugarhouse. Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll check all of the lateral lines and replace all taps (everything gets a new tap every year), about 1/3 get a new drop line. Then, when that woods is finished I’ll start doing repairs at the leased woods. Once that is finished, I’m adding a few more lines to the far north end of the hill, picking up maybe a hundred new taps. Those two things will require a few days at best.

After that I need to service the vacuum pump at the lease and clean the tank. Then I’ll begin tapping, which if the snow does not get deeper than it is might get done in 4-5 days, if we get a lot of snow, making it necessary to use snowshoes, the time needed roughly doubles, sometimes even triples, depending on the amount of snow, especially on the steepest parts of the hills.

But, at any rate, the new season is getting close.

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