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Recovery coming well

With major surgery just 9 days ago, I am doing quite well. Today was the first time I drove my truck, it went well. I’m seeing a big improvement every day and so far no complications.

I will soon be out pulling taps, the only real maple work since surgery was 2 days ago, I went down to spray (with water) and turn the bourbon barrel with 10 gal of syrup in it, I then did it again today. Before those times my brother in law did it every day or two starting 9 days ago.

We have now decided to participate in an open house even at the Tractor Supply Co (TSC) store in Oneida. They are setting up a big tent and we will be handing out syrup samples and bourbon barrel syrup samples, and of course, selling both. I’ve only done anything like this one other time, (last September) and sales were very good.

Hope to see you there details to come soon.

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