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Bottling the next batch of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup

Today I will be bottling the next batch of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. Yesterday I pumped it from the bourbon barrel, where it had been for over 6 months, into the finisher. I then heated it and left it to set to boil off any alcohol that might be in it. This morning I’ll heat it again, to about 205-210, then filter it and pump it into the bottler. Then we bottle it into glass flasks. I just need to guess how many of each size to bottle because the next batch will not be ready until early December.

I’m glad the high heat weather has moved out. I’m guessing we will get some warm temperatures again this fall, but I really like waking up to high 40’s and low 50’s.

I guess it’s time to get going, my brother in law is helping today and I prefer I get there before he does. We should be finished before lunchtime.

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