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Increased online sales

We have been experiencing greatly increased online sales since mid February but have had no problem keeping up with the demand. Our inventory remains good, but if you want anything that says it is not in stock in either Amber, Dark or either of the bourbon barrel aged syrups please send me an email to: and I will update that inventory. While the program automatically updates inventory as orders are filled, I sometimes fill more of a product from a Stainless Steel barrel or just restock my storage racks for shipments and forget to add that count into the store inventory.

I try to check orders at 7-7:30 pm (EDT) daily and process all new orders. I don’t do orders received after 7:00 pm until the following evening. The USPS does not allow me to schedule pickups for the same day, their cut off is something like 2:00 a.m. central time. Thus the orders I process at 7:00-7:30 each evening are shipped out by USPS the following day.

Thank you for your business.


2 thoughts on “Increased online sales

  1. Do u have light maple syrup

    1. No, everything I made this year was Amber and Dark. Light is no longer a grade designation of maple syrup, but the closest to what used to be Light is now called golden, but the lightest end of the current Amber used to be called light.

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