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New season has begun

I now have more amber syrup. I’ll likely get a chance this Tuesday or Wednesday to pack more jugs of pint and half pint of amber syrup which I’m currently out of, plus more qts and half gal to fill out my inventory. The rest will be put into a SS barrel. For production, this coming week looks quite good for sap flow, time will tell if production of dark gets here or not. Sometimes the change from amber to dark happens in 2-3 days, at other times it can take a week, sometimes even 2 weeks.

I go in for surgery on the 25 of March, and won’t be able to work syrup on the 24th, if the changeover takes that long it may be 6 or more weeks before I can pack more dark. After surgery I will be on a no lifting mandate for 6-8 weeks. However, if I can get a grandson to pack syrup, at about 4 weeks I might be able to watch and coach him, he has worked the evaporator and in the woods, but never packed syrup. I have another grandson who has packed lots of syrup, but Uncle Sam has him, and he is out of the country.

Time will tell. If I do get more dark syrup packed I will put it up on the store inventory.

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