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Get the most for your money

I often wonder why people buy the quantity they do, and I’ve been known to add a note for “next time”. For example, I sell lots of orders for one 1/2 gal jug of maple syrup which then ships in a medium flat rate USPS box. For the same cost to ship I can fit 2 jugs 1/2 gal each in that box. Another example, I just sent out a shipment for 1 bottle of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup (200ml), again, in a medium flat rate USPS box, I could have fit 6 such bottles in that box without increasing the shipping cost or maybe you would like to give someone special a gift, I could also pack an assortment of sizes and/or products in a larger box.

Plan things out, even if you only want one, how about ordering in a group. Maybe you can find someone who wants a half gallon too, you can split the shipping cost or maybe several friends each want a bottle of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup.

If you ever want to find out how many of a certain size or combination of sizes I can pack in any of the box choices I offer, just email me and ask the question, I’ll answer within 24 hrs and then you can work up an order.

I almost always have more than I show on my inventory count in my store, for example, I may have 5 shown in my store of the particular size bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. In most cases that means I only have 5 ready to ship, but I likely have a case or a few cases all bottled, just they might not have the wax cap coating I put on. In most cases I could wax a dozen or more and ship them in 2-3 days, maybe sooner. Again, just email and ask.

To take advantage of this way of saving on shipping cost, it just needs to be one order, shipped to one address, you just do the math and collect the cost from the ones participating in the group order, then order it all on one order and I’ll ship it to your designated address.

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