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Super hot forecast, better ahead?

Dave Klish

The forecast for tomorrow, 7/19/2020 is 97F, way too hot for me. Next week looks better, low to mid 80’s. I’m waiting for a day in the 60’s to low 70’s so I can pack more dark syrup. I haven’t run out yet, but I’m getting real low, both for online sales and at my local retail outlet. Cool weather, come on!

I used to pack syrup in temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s but that has proven to just be too hot because when I pack syrup I need to heat the batch to about 190-195 to filter it again (it was heated to 205-210F when it was originally pumped into the stainless steel barrel). Then it gets pumped into the bottler which is held at 185-187F during the bottling process. Setting in front of that for the 3-4 hrs it takes to fill all of the bottles and jugs that it requires to pack a full barrel of syrup just catches up with me before I get finished. My grandson used to help, but Uncle Sam has his full attention in the US Navy for about 4 more years. I likely should get an AC to cool the sugarhouse but I’m fighting it. I would need at least a 24,000BTU to cool it, maybe even bigger. Most years the longest I need to wait has been 7-10 days, this year we have been over 80 for more than 30 days in a row, and over 12 of those days have been 90 or higher. A day or two in the 60’s would please me right now, I actually have to pack a barrel of dark, a bourbon barrel of aged syrup and I’m getting low on Amber too.

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New shipping method added

Dave Klish

We added an additional shipping option. I was talking with a fellow syrup maker and he said he uses a regional box for more local shipping. I tested it out with a half gal of syrup and just threw in 2 different zip codes. As you know, I am in central NY, I looked up the price of shipping it to Georgia, and one in California. The one in Georgia priced at about $5 less than a medium flat rate box, but the one to California was about $4.50 more than the medium flat rate box. Thus, this regional box will be a good choice for those in some cases but not for others who are farther away. Check it out, My program should use the lowest cost method, but verify the choice.

This new shipping option is the USPS regional Box B. Again, it will only help those who are closer to my location.

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Increased online sales

Dave Klish

We have been experiencing greatly increased online sales since mid February but have had no problem keeping up with the demand. Our inventory remains good, but if you want anything that says it is not in stock in either Amber, Dark or either of the bourbon barrel aged syrups please send me an email to: and I will update that inventory. While the program automatically updates inventory as orders are filled, I sometimes fill more of a product from a Stainless Steel barrel or just restock my storage racks for shipments and forget to add that count into the store inventory.

I try to check orders at 7-7:30 pm (EDT) daily and process all new orders. I don’t do orders received after 7:00 pm until the following evening. The USPS does not allow me to schedule pickups for the same day, their cut off is something like 2:00 a.m. central time. Thus the orders I process at 7:00-7:30 each evening are shipped out by USPS the following day.

Thank you for your business.