Bitter wind today

Much of today we had 15-20 MPH winds. At my sugarhouse I rarely feel a wind, but today I did.

I actually got enough time after another project to pack more syrup. I pumped from the barrel I found in with the empties, pumped about 12 gal out, heated it to 185 and packed into jugs. After that I pumped about another 12 gal into my bottler and I set the thermostat to about 110F. Tomorrow, when I get to the sugarhouse, I’ll turn the temp up to 185-188F and once it’s ready, I’ll pack that.

Then I got 2 recently emptied bourbon barrels and I’ll heat the syrup for that and pump the barrels full. I got 2 barrels, 10 gal each. Those will need 6-7 months to age before they have the perfect blend of maple and bourbon taste. I’ll bottle them about May or June.