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Christmas ordering

The order time for Christmas orders has passed. Orders placed now,  will be shipped the next business day, but there is no guaranty that the order will arrive before Christmas. I ship on all non holiday Mondays-Saturdays on orders placed by 7:00P.M. eastern the day before.

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Put up more bourbon barrel aged maple syrup

2 days ago, I packed 2 bourbon barrels (5 gal each) with hot maple syrup for a friend, the same friend who introduced me to aging maple syrup in bourbon barrels. Next I’ve got to heat some syrup up after the current cold spell and fill 2 barrels for my next batches, these will be 10 gal each.

We are in the middle of our first real snow of the season. It snowed last night so I had to clear snow today and just after noon today the bottom fell out of the thermometer. Tonight will be our coldest since the middle of Feb.  I’ll just wait until a little milder weather moves in to fill my next 2 barrels.

Christmas sales have been real good, for both regular maple syrup and for the bourbon barrel aged maple syrup.

For those ordering for Christmas gifts, please order by 12/14 for the best chances to get delivery before Christmas, orders placed after 12/14 may not arrive before Christmas.

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Bitter cold wind

At my sugarhouse I’m back in the woods enough that I generally don’t feel the wind, but yesterday I felt it. It was blowing hard enough out of the west that it blew in thru the cracks in the siding on the sugarhouse. In that direction it is over a mile of woods to protect from the wind, but I still got it.

I was busy packing that last barrel of syrup I had found among the empty SS barrels. I now have plenty of half gallons and quarts of Dark for the Christmas season.

Next I need to fill the 2 recently emptied bourbon barrels I bought to start 2 more batches of Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. They are 10 gal barrels, so they will need 6-7 months to age. I’ll very likely run out of my last batch from this year before these 2 new batches will be ready. I’ll fill those this weekend.

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More syrup to pack

I will be packing more syrup tomorrow. Sure glad I found a barrel I had thought was empty, was more from the 2017 season, it had been put in the area which was designated for empty SS barrels. My inventory will be showing more late tomorrow. I won’t likely finish packing tomorrow and I have a project I am doing Wednesday, I’ll pack the rest Thursday and Friday.

Then, there will be no more “found barrels, because I moved all out of the “empty barrels” from a rented storage unit and put them in my new shed.

When these are sold there will be no more until the 2018 season, which is anywhere from mid. Jan thru March 27 (or later) depending on the weather.

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Got a few hrs into making firewood

I got a chance on a couple of mornings to buck and split some firewood. I have about 1/3 of what I need. A fast splitter really helps.

I also was also starting to empty a second storage unit I have rented, which should not have had any syrup in it, but I found another barrel, a 40 gal one at that, full of syrup. I guess it must have gotten put there when the other storage unit was getting rather full. At any rate, I’ll be packing this last one soon. I checked in the storage unit, there are no more barrels in there. I had seen this barrel a month ago or so, but I figured it was an empty one. This is even better than putting on a jacket you haven’t worn since last year and finding $20 in the pocket.

When packed, It’s certainly likely I won’t run out for Christmas sales, (but still possible) but I suspect I might still run out before the 2018 production starts, especially if the season starts late. It’s all about the weather.

In general, Jan. sales are slow, but they pick up in mid Feb and gain momentum from there, likely as people start getting tax refunds. I have one family who orders a whole year supply (usually 24 half gal) when their tax refund comes in. Today, I’ll do more firewood,Monday I might put the barrel heater on the newly found barrel to start heating it. After about a day, it pumps easily, when cold a 40 gal barrel can take about 10x as long to pump out, so 20 min. vs  a little over 3 hrs (kind of similar to “molasses in January” slow). The forecast calls for 55 and rain Tuesday, a good day to pack that syrup.

In the mean time, I’ll try to finish the wood supply. So far I got thru about half of the smallest pile of logs, I still, if needed have 2 more much larger piles of logs but I’d need to move some on the top that were cut recently, and get to the ones that have been there for 2-3 years. Having the right equipment to move logs makes that fairly short work, likely just over an hour.