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Back in stock soon

I have run out of some products, but it is temporary. On the first day when I have daytime temperatures in the 60’s, I’ll pack more. I have more of Amber, dark and bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, all in SS barrels or an oak bourbon barrel, I just need temperatures cool enough to be able to set over a bottler at over 185F to pack it. The forecast looks promising, maybe this Friday. Right now the forecast shows a high of 67F, if that holds I can start. It would take me 3 days to do it all, I might start tomorrow at slightly warmer, if I get too hot, I can return to it on Friday.

As of right now I still have a 30 gal barrel of Amber, having sold just 1 barrel worth since maple season started in early March, and I still have 2 barrels of dark, having sold 3 barrels worth in that same time frame.

While I’m low on bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, I’m not yet sold out. I only have one 15 gal oak barrel of it ready to bottle and it will likely be bottled before I run out of either size I used to sell it in. The next bottling will see a new size added, a 100ml bottle for $7.00. That will be added to the store as soon as I bottle some. While the 2 existing sizes sell about equally in terms of number sold, I suspect the 100ml might be a winner for Christmas gift giving.

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I need cooler weather

While as of this writing I still have syrup, but very little. I have more in barrels and will pack more as soon as the temperature cools down. When I re-pack syrup from a barrel into bottles or jugs I need to heat it in a 2×6′ finisher to 180+. Then I pump it thru the filter press to remove any sediment in the syrup (mostly what is an excess of minerals called sugar sand). Then it goes into my water jacketed bottler. In there it is heated and held at 185-187F. From there it is dispensed into retail containers, one at a time and capped. Finally it is labeled utilizing a serial number and each series of serial numbers is recorded in my log book (just starting and ending number of each barrel processed). The serial numbers are just in case I ever need to check a batch, which I so far have never needed to do.

At any rate, when the outside temperatures are over 70-75 max, it gets super hot in the sugarhouse, too hot to do the bottling. When I see a forecast of cooler weather, about 2 days out I’ll rewash all of the equipment, then pump the first barrel into the finisher, heat it to about 180 and pump it thru the filter and into the bottler. From there I’ll wait for the cooler temperature so I can bottle.

I suppose at some point I’ll need to put in an AC big enough to keep the area from getting too hot, but I’m not there yet.

As soon as I get the needed temperatures I’ll bottle a 30 gal barrel of Amber, a 30 gal barrel of Dark (which are the only grades I have) and a 15 gal barrel of Bourbon barrel Aged Maple Syrup.

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Sales are real good

On June 1, 2021 the local outlet thru which I sell syrup moved to a larger venue. I first started selling with them in 2017. At that time they were in an old 4 room school house. They soon out grew that and moved to a recently closed home/lumber center in July 2019. Now, just 23 months later, on June 1, they moved to the former Herb Phillipson’s store in Glenwood Plaza, Oneida, NY. This is a store of over 40,000 S.F.. When they opened on June 1, they were about 80-85% filled up and they are almost 100% filled up now.

In addition to my maple syrup (and a big display of O’Keeffe’s products, Gorilla glues and tapes) that I sell, they have a huge array of vendors who sell lots of antiques, homemade craft items clothes and collectables. They are doing it right, it is the type of store where people return often because the assortment of what is there keeps changing and is fresh. They bill it as The Fun Place To Shop, and the customers seem to agree.

If you are in the Oneida Area, stop and check it out. The plaza has 3 entrances, 2 on Rt 46, just south of the Rt 5 intersection and one off Rt 5, just enter thru the Wendy’s lot and into the Glenwood Plaza.

Syrup sales online are also good, and they get real good in the 3-4 months leading up to Christmas.

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Sales very strong locally

I only sell at one retail outlet locally (besides from my home) but it’s looking like my sales will double or even triple this year. The one retail outlet has moved 2 times in the last 3 years because they out grew the old location.

On June 1, 2021 they opened in the old Herb Philipson’s in Glenwood Plaza after out growing the former Kime Home center in Oneida Castle. After just 8 days into June (today is the 9th) sales are looking very good. The store is The Eclectic Chic. For anyone in and around Oneida, or those traveling thru, maybe going to Turning Stone Casino, or going fishing on Oneida Lake or heading into the Adirondacks on vacation, make it a point to stop at the Eclectic Chic (the fun place to shop). They are a popular stop with for bus tours. It is 35-40,000 square foot vendor mall, having everything from antiques, to clothing, collectables, and food. In that store I sell my maple syrup and I also sell O’Keeffe’s products, along with a large selection of Gorilla glues and Gorilla tapes.

Stop in, you won’t be disappointed and even if you’ve been there before, a trip every few weeks reveals a whole new array of merchandise to shop (not to mention my maple, O’Keeffe’s and Gorilla products.

They are on State Rt 46, just south of State Rt 5 In Oneida, NY 13421. Google them for details and hours. They are currently open 10:00-5:00 7 days a week, but as the season’s change, they adjust their hours. Lots of parking available.

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For local customers

Many of you know I have a syrup display at The Eclectic Chic, 21 Seneca Ave, Oneida Castle (the old Kime Home Center). I have great news, The Eclectic Chic is moving, no more hard to find parking, The Chic is moving to Glenwood Plaza, into the former Herb Phillipson’s Store. Loads of room and parking won’t be a problem. To top it all off, the owners of the shopping center have promised to repair the parking lot this summer.

The opening date for this move in June 1, 2021, stop in , get some syrup and check out all of the other vendors too. By the way, I also carry O’Keeffe’s Working Hands, Healthy Feet and all of the other O’Keeffe’s products. Additionally I carry Gorilla Glues, adhesives and Gorilla Tapes.

Come check us out, The Eclectic Chic, the fun place to shop!