Things I’m working on this summer and into fall

I just packed more Amber, rich taste maple syrup today and I have a little more in the bottler to pack tomorrow before the weather gets too hot. Forecast is for 95F Saturday, then 98 Sunday and 95 again Monday, all with high humidity. In fact the next 7 days will all be in the 90’s but not as hot as the next three days.

As soon as the cooler temperatures return after this heat wave, I will be running my sawmill to make some lumber for building a loft in my shop. After that I’ll saw more for a lean-to shed roof on the west side of my shop for equipment storage and after that, lumber to add a blacksmith shop on the north side of the shop. Somewhere in there I also want to build a cupola on the shop for venting excess heat, and I’ll design it to close it off in cold weather because I will have a woodstove in the shop to heat it.

In between some of these things I’m going to the New York State maple summer tour. On the tour I will see 8-9 other maple sugar operations and maybe learn some more efficient ways to do things. It’s always enjoyable to visit other producers and see how they do it. That comes up in the middle of July. The tour also features a trade show where most of the manufacturers of maple equipment show off there equipment. Lots of stainless steel to admire. If I get the time I will also saw the lumber for building a walk in cooler for syrup storage, but that likely will be built in 2019.