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Bourbon barrel aged maple syrup

This has proven to be my best selling item since I bottled my first ever batch in late August of 2017. To date I have sold all but 107 bottles (as of 4:30pm today) out of 509 total, of those the last 4 weeks have accounted for 178 of those. It seems to be a real nice Christmas gift in many giver’s eyes. At this rate I’ll be out long before my next batches will be ready sometime in June of 2018. I’ll try to get some more recently emptied bourbon barrels to fill at maple season, or directly after.

I’ll need to age at least enough to bottle a thousand bottles to keep up with ever increasing demand. To think, I almost decided not to try making the bourbon barrel aged maple syrup when my friend told me about it, I’m sure glad I listened to him.

I may even look into bottling some larger bottles, being the little 6.76 oz. size has done so well. Maybe something in the 8-12 oz range, but that won’t be bottled until mid June 2018 at the earliest.

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