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Picked up more supplies

On Friday, in addition to my previous post, I also picked up some additional supplies. I now have a good inventory of tubing fittings, several rolls of 3/16 lateral line, 3 rolls of 5/16 lateral line, some 1″ main line and several saddles (to tie lateral lines into the main lines. As I run low on things I’ll restock. One benefit there is that one dealer is 3 miles from my brother in law (BIL) and another dealer is within a mile or so of my leased woods. In fact, that dealer also bought a lease I sold as I got older and lost my younger help (they were 2 grandsons and a friend of theirs, also in college). Once they graduated they moved on to their chosen profession.

I am adding some more taps in both my leased woods and the woods I own around my sugarhouse. Work starts in a week or so, doing repairs and then starting to tap. I am also changing a small vacuum pump for a larger one at my leased woods.

Once work starts, things will get very busy. I hope to finish tapping by 1/21, because my BIL who is in this with me goes in for surgery on the 22nd. He will then be on limited lifting of 10# for 6 weeks.

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