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Getting the most in a flat rate shipping box

It would take too much time and make this topic too long and thus not get read by many, I suggest as you are placing an order, try experimenting to see what you can fit in the box that my shipping program puts your order in. For example, I got an order this morning for 1 qt. of maple syrup. Because of the height and diameter of the jug, it had to be put in a medium, flat rate box at the current rate of $13.65. Had the customer tried some options, they would have found that 2 qts ship for the same cost, or 1 half gal or even 2 half gallons, all of those choices fit in that same box. Now its very possible that customer only wanted one qt., but maybe they would have gotten a qt. for a friend too if they had checked.

I won’t attempt to list all of the packing combinations that fit in each given size, but I’ll list a few here:     In the smallest box I can fit 1 or 2 bourbon barrel aged maple syrup bottles and still protect it from damage in all but the extreme instances. While that is not a flat rate box and postage is based on both weight and distance 2 BB syrup costs far less per bottle when sharing the same box. In the medium flat rate box, 1 qt, or 2 qts, or 2 qts plus 2 bourbon barrel aged maple syrups or 1 half gallon and 3 bourbon barrel aged maple syrup or 2 half gallon, all of those choices will fit in 1 medium flat rate box all for the same flat rate. Going to the large flat rate box I can fit 3 half gallons, or 2 half gallons and 1 qt, or 4 qts and 1 bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, for the current flat rate of $18.85, there are other combinations also that will fit in each of the boxes. For those who like to get the best bang for the shipping buck, try different combinations as you are making an order. After you have done so, be sure to cancel all except the item or items you do want.

I hope this helps some customers to get the lowest shipping cost by filling any of the boxes I use.

For those who want gallons, for shipping purposes I only ship half gallons, because I can get 2 half gallons to a customer for less than what a single gallon would cost by several dollars (shipping plus the product cost). Thus, I don’t ship gallons, but I do offer gallons locally.


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