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Another update


First, as I posted before, my kidney cancer was successfully removed by robotic surgery. I did this week have a minor set back however. I was put on two antibiotics to deal with an infection but they didn’t agree with my system. They actually made me sick and in the process they screwed up my blood thinner. I then got a bleed from the kidney. As a result I had to go back in yesterday to have a stent placed from the bleed area to my bladder to drain it. For that the Dr called me yesterday and 3 hrs later I was on the table in out patient surgery, and then 2 hrs later I was home again. I feel great today, in fact the best I think since my surgery.

Maple season

Even after having a late start, we still had a decent season. Our final total was down but I think I’ll have enough to fill all orders until next year. As usual, the taste is excellent again this year.

Bourbon barrel aged syrup, we now have 2 barrels aging, one to be ready late this month or early next and another to be ready about next September or early October.

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