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After a few weather related delays

I finally got the storage loft joists installed. It took some calculating just to figure what the maximum length I could fit in. I had to cut one end mitered to match the roof pitch while the joist was going to set on the top plate (the top of the wall where the roof rafters are attached). Then I had to measure the distance from plate to plate for the exact width of the shop and add the space available on one plate. Then I added those and subtracted 1/8″. I then cut the joists that length. To install them I then slide one end in on one top plate as far as it would go and lift the opposite end up in line with the plate and then slide the joist onto that plate so I had roughly equal amounts resting on the plate at each end. Then I screwed the joist to the rafters. What made if far more difficult than it sounds is twofold. The shop is full, with only aisles to walk thru and the joists are quite heavy with nobody to help. However it is done. Tomorrow I will be splitting and stacking more firewood. Then On Thursday it looks like rain, so I’ll start putting the floor on the new loft. If I have breaks in the weather I’ll saw more floorboards. Those will be easy to install, each will be a little longer that the loft, I’ll just slide each board up onto the loft, push it in as far as it can go and slide it to one side and screw it in place. Then I’ll repeat until the last board,. I’ll then need to measure and cut that board to fit. When finished I’ll just chalk a line and saw to length in place.

Then on my next rainy day I’ll do some wiring, add lights, switches and receptacles. Somewhere in there I’ll also start putting the bulky but light weight items that don’t need to be accessed often up onto the loft. I’ll also put a light or 2 in the loft. Most of the lighting I bought is LED fixtures, using just 13 watts each. Over 4 of the work benches I’ll have LED 4′ fixtures. Finally things in there will be well lit. Since last October my lighting has been run off a single extension cord from the sugarhouse and had to be moved to light what ever I was working on.

Then I need to bottle more bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, sales of it remain strong. I need to place another order for more bottles, I don’t have enough bottles to do a whole batch and I would not do a partial batch.

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