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getting colder

Tonight the forecast calls for 34 F for the overnight low, then 24 Wednesday morning and 14 for Thursday morning. I guess the warm weather is over for now. I’ll need to drain my water tank at the sugarhouse tomorrow. These will be the coldest temperatures we have seen since Feb or March.

I am waiting for a special elbow to come so I can finish the power hook up  in the sugar house to feed the shop. The way I had planned turned out to not fit from where I came thru the wall from the trench to go into the panel box. I needed to get a tighter corner or the rest of parts I have would extend past the hole where the power needs to enter the breaker box.

Then I need a few more feet of #4 ground wire to finish connecting to the 2 ground rods. Then the breaker can be turned on to feed power to the shop, rather than the HD extension cord I’ve been using for the past year. Then I have several LED lights and receptacles to install on a rainy day. Much will likely be done after I put the woodstove in the shop. Then I’ll be able to work in my shirt sleeves rather than a heavy coat. I think I have all of the parts needed.

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