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I tried to order more empty bottles from my supplier back in August for the larger Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup but they were out of stock. Then for the last 4 weeks I’ve been trying to find a supplier who has them in stock. The only one I found wanted 3x what I normally have to pay for them so I did not order. Then yesterday I found a place in California that showed 288,000 of them in stock but they were closed at the time. I called when they opened today, but it turned out they will only sell by the full truckload. That would be 400 cases per pallet x 30 pallets, each case has 6 bottles (72,000). That is plus freight, I declined. Then I tried my normal supplier again. They still did not have them, but do finally have a shipment arriving on or about Dec 20. I placed my order with them. This means, once I sell the one remaining bottle  (375 ml) of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, I will not be able to sell any more of that size until late December at best, maybe early Jan. The good news however is that I still have a decent supply of the 200 ml bottle, and if I run low, I have hundreds more of those bottles and the next batch should be ready soon. Testing starts next week to determine if the taste is right yet.

72,000 bottles would be far too many for me, for sure

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