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Sap weather finally

After a few weeks of temperatures that were too cold for much sap flow the forecast finally changed. We will begin tapping around the sugarhouse. While we waited for warmer weather we added more taps around the sugarhouse. I don’t have an exact count yet, but it will be over 300 there, maybe as many as 350 taps, all flowing to the sugarhouse. I will know that count in 2-3 days. Most lines have all of the taps on them now, but 3 new lines still need them. We may get some sap flow later today but more likely tomorrow thru Sunday (4 days maybe)). Then a week of too cold again for the sap to flow. After that, if the forecast doen’t change again we should get a good 4 weeks of sap weather.

After I get all of the taps in around the sugarhouse I will update in another post with the total. After that we will be working in our lease. That is about 7 miles south west of the sugarhouse, in the hills. There we hope to get to about 700 taps. I often get some help on Saturdays or Sundays, occasionally both.

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