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Packed more retail syrup.

Last week I packed more retail syrup, packed Amber. Tomorrow I will pack more Dark.

Thank you all for your continued business.

It seems an issue keeps happening when people try to order. I thought it was fixed, but it happened again. It seems when people try to open the store to order it sometimes loads and sometimes does not load. If you have an issue ordering, send an email to

Let me know how much you want to order and I will process it manually. I will need your name, address, email and phone number (billing address) and where to ship if different.

The prices are: 8oz syrup, grades amber or dark $6.00 each, pints syrup grades amber or dark $10 each, Qts syrup grades amber or dark $17 each and half gal syrup Amber or Dark $27.00 each. Also bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, either 6.76 Fl Oz (200ml) at $12.00 each or 12.7 fl oz (375ml) at $20 .00 each

Sorry for the inconvenience. When I get an order I will generate a PayPal invoice and have it sent to your email address. When you pay PayPal, I will then ship the order. Also, please tell us how you heard about us.

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