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Finally, the temperature cools slightly

I’ve been holding off packing more dark syrup until the temperature drops a little, if the forecast holds, that will be next week. Right now the “experts” say we will have 4 days next week with the highs in the mid 70’s. I can pack syrup with that. It has been in the mid 80’s to upper 90’s for 2 months, this guy does poorly at those temps, especially when the dew points are in the 70’s (very humid).

As of 8/14/20 the forecast says next Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be cool enough to pack more syrup. If the forecast doesn’t change I will have plenty of syrup after that. In preparation, I have placed the first stainless steel barrel which is full of Dark maple syrup, my best seller, in the sugarhouse from storage so it can be pumped and be processed. Thank you all for waiting.

My inventories in my store will reflect the additional syrup when it is ready for sale. After packing Dark, I will pack a barrel of Amber and then I will pack my next batch of Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, it has been ready for a while, awaiting packing weather to return to central new your and CNY Maple.

Hopefully the temps will remain in the 70’s and lower so I can get more work done, when it’s in the 80’s-90’s I run out of ambition before lunch. It’s not like I was 30-50 years ago when I worked 8-14 hrs a day even with it in the 90’s.

My blueberry season ended yesterday. While fairly good it was less than most years for a couple of reasons. First was the drought that lasted about 6-7 weeks, into the first full week of picking. Then we had plenty of rain after that. The second reason was Covid 19, there were simply fewer pickers venturing out, which I pretty much expected. In the end we sold about half as many blueberries as usual, as of yesterday many berries that remained started dropping off the bushes so it was time to close the fields.

For any of you who did come pick, thank you, and I hope you stay healthy.

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