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More Amber syrup has been bottled

After a few more delays I finished packing more Amber syrup today. The newly added stock has been updated in the inventories shown in the store. Thank you for your patience.

It was a struggle for sure. I started to do it last Friday. While washing the equipment my propane ran out. Long story short, I was trying to empty the bulk tank and planned to switch suppliers. Arrangements were made. Unfortunately the new bulk tanks won’t be set in place and filled until 9/21. I then decided to move the nearly full tank I had at my permanently parked RV on site. I unhooked that, put a sling on it and moved that tank to the sugarhouse and hooked it up. The old supplier will be called about 9/17 to pump out and remove both tanks, the full one and the empty one, but only if the forecast does not call for a possible freeze. While unlikely, it would not be the earliest first freeze. If any risk of a freeze I’d wait to call them and I’d unhook the full one, lift it again using my tractor on the day of the new one being hooked up. I have one room in the sugarhouse that houses my reverse osmosis (RO) which must not freeze. While the tanks are bulk tanks, both are only about 4′ tall and stand upright. They are labeled as being 57 gal tanks, but that is the 100% full capacity, they only get filled to 80% max. or about 45 gal.

While I’m not low yet, my next product to bottle will be my next batch of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. That will be needed for Christmas sales. I will likely do that a day or 2 early next week, even before my tanks get changed.

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