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Almost out, temporarily

I have recently had a flurry of sales which while welcome, have left me very low in stock. At present, the only regular syrup I have is a few half gallon jugs of Dark (which also happens to be my best selling regular syrup). I also have a good supply of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, but actually less than I’d like. I will likely sell out of that before my next batch is ready about mid October 2021. My bourbon barrel aged syrup has been my best selling syrup ever since I first introduced it in August 2017.

For the regular maple syrup, I do have more stock in a stainless steel barrel, actually 2. I will pack more as soon as the weather permits. This morning, according to my temperature recording thermometer at the sugarhouse, I had -6.5F, the high today is forecast to get to 17F. I won’t be able to bottle more until I get temperatures in the mid-upper 30’s for long enough to get water to my tankless water heater and then clean the equipment needed to pack more syrup. Once that is re-cleaned I can pack syrup when the temperatures outside are in the 20’s, I just need to have it warmer to wash equipment. The good news is that next Friday, (7 days out), the forecast is for 40F+ at least part of the day. If that proves to happen I’ll then have all sizes of dark syrup back in stock within a day or 2 of that.

Shortly the new season will be upon us. For the season to start we need warm days and cold nights. Days in the 40’s work best and nights of 27F or colder help considerably. I can however get some flow with temperatures as cold as 34-36F, but as cold as it has been for so long, the trees take a few days to thaw before the sap begins to flow. Once that happens and I’ve made enough new syrup I may well have some Amber syrup also for those few who prefer Amber, maybe even some Golden.

Here’s to maple season weather, 40-45 every day and 25-27 every night, may it be long lasting. 4-6 weeks is nice, 8 weeks even better.

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