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Gaining on it

I packed syrup the last 4 days. To do it I had to aim a 16″ fan at high speed at me to keep from over heating. I still have about 7.5 gal more to pack (out of 90), all filtered and in the water jacketed bottler. From there, once I turn the heating element back on and the temperature gets back up to 185 +/- 2 degrees F, I’ll resume bottling. For that I sit on a stool in front of the bottler. Depending which size jugs I’m filling I put the appropriate spacers under the shelf that holds the jugs, then I step on a foot switch which opens the flow valve. When the jugs is full, I release the foot switch, put a cap on and then I lay each jug on it’s side for at least 30 seconds. When I either done packing that size jugs or until the shelf is full, I carry the jugs over to my chest freezer. On that I apply my serialized company labels, add the appropriate grade label and add a price tag. Then I set the jugs to cool lined up along the back of the freezer (on top of it) . Then I set up to pack another size, same procedure and that gets repeated until the bottler is empty.

I have adjusted the inventory in the online store front, I’ll update again after the rest is packed. Since I sell both from my online store and 1 local retail store, the counts shown on the online store are only what is designated for online sales, the local retail counts do not show on the online store. However, those counts do get moved back and forth as necessary. For the online inventory I rarely show my whole inventory, because I don’t know if the inventory not shown will be sold online or at my local retail outlet. As that decision is made, the counts are adjusted. In other words, I often have more than the store counts show, (and on one occasion I had less than it showed, but I try not to make that mistake.)

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