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Coming soon

Likely next week I’ll be opening another oak bourbon barrel aged maple syrup after it aged to perfection and I’ll be putting it into bottles. One new size will be introduced. In 2017 I introduced the 200 ml flask (6.76 fl oz) bottle. It sold so well I added the 375 ml (12.7 fl oz) size a few months later. Now I’m adding a third size, just in time for gift giving. While lots of the first two sizes have been given as gifts, I wondered if a 100 ml size (3.38 fl oz.) might also be a winner, thus I ordered 25 dozen bottles in the new size (no going half way, besides I got a better price buying 25 dozen at a time). I’ll add the new size to my store once I’ve filled some of the bottles.

Since I first introduced “bourbon barrel aged maple syrup” back in Aug 2017 it has proven to be a winner. By the end of 2017 it had added up to 46% of my total sales, then 52% of sales in 2018 and 49% of sales in 2019. Then a pandemic hit the world and while the bourbon barrel aged maple syrup gained momentum in units sold, with so many people staying and working from home my sales of regular maple syrup gained more than the bourbon barrel aged gained. The sales of Bourbon barrel aged syrup then dropped to 41% of my total sales in 2020. 2021 sales won’t be determined until some time in Jan. but as I write this in late September it looks like the regular syrup totals vs the bourbon barrel sales may still reflect what 2020 ratios were. Both have gained again, but seem to be in balance with 2020 so far.

This new size may help that as even more people try the product, or gift them because the cost to try it is lower (per bottle, not per oz.) I see great results on the horizon! One thing I’ve gotten many comments on as people place an order on my website goes like this ” a friend/relative/ or other gave me a bottle of your bourbon barrel aged maple syrup and I now want to order some myself, what a great product!”) Christmas stockings may hang heavy with bottles of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup in them.

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