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More syrup in stock as of 1/29/24

I bottled more syrup today and it will show up on my store inventory tomorrow. I packed some of every size I normally try to stock . It is all dark grade, my best selling grade. I had 3 barrels of dark from the 2023 season, but the first barrel of it I opened turned out to be too dark for dark graded syrup, it was labeled wrong. When I discovered that my only option was to start another batch of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup which sells quite quickly ( that batch of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup will be ready hopefully by Christmas), or pack it as very dark, which sells very slowly. It’s mainly used in cooking. I then had to locate a freshly opened bourbon barrel, I managed to find one at a distillery that is only 35 miles from me, so I drove to get it last Thursday, and packed 30 gal of very dark syrup into a 30 gal bourbon barrel on Friday.

Then yesterday I opened another bulk barrel labelled as dark and it was in fact dark so I processed it and packed it yesterday and today. I will stock my only local retail outlet tomorrow and then I’ll pack more tomorrow which will show up in my online store tomorrow evening.

This was my first time running out of dark grade maple syrup in over ten years, hopefully it will be my last time.

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