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It’s getting close

2 days ago I got some amber syrup, but now it’s too cold to bottle so it was pumped into a SS barrel awaiting warmer temperatures. Warm temperatures left us and we are now frozen hard, the good news is that we will have temperatures in the low to mid 40’s mid week, next week. I’ll make good use of the time, on Tuesday I’ll haul the cleanup water and pump it into my insulated holding tank (it holds 300 gal). Then I’ll heat the new syrup and pump it into the finisher. Then on Wednesday I’ll bring it back up to 180+F in the finisher and refilter it, and into the water jacketed bottler. From there I bottle as the syrup reaches 185-190F. I’ll finish it on Thursday and then add the inventory to both, my store online storefront and my local retail store, ready for sale. This new batch will be Amber. The first batch was dark which was added recently and posted in my previous post here.

The sap will again flow those 3 days, then it looks like another freeze on the way. Changes like this help the season last longer which is good, lots of freeze thaw cycles is best. As of now, after next week’s 3 days, it shows a long line of low 30’s daytime highs, then a 3-4 day freeze followed by several days of ideal sap weather, into mid March. I hope those end up being correct. I don’t dare look farther than 2 weeks out because they are seldom correct, I’ll look again in a week or 2.

This would be a good year for a super season for sure, last year was marginal.

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