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New water heater set, ready to use

I had to get my 14 yr old grandson over to help make the connections for the new water heater. I needed 3 hands and I was 1 short. The issue was one fitting, a double female hose fitting (potable water hose) that needed to be connected. I had to hold the part up against the fitting on the heater while holding one part from turning while another part was turned. I couldn’t tighten one end first because that prevented the other half from turning, leaving it loosely on, as the other end was turned on was required, it unscrewed the first end. Thus I had to hold the part being connected up and hold the first half from turning, while my grandson turned the opposite end all while holding the part at the correct position. We finally got it after trying 7-9 times without success, every thing was at an awkward position.

Before leaving we got the barrel heater band mounted on the barrel of syrup, ready to be plugged in tomorrow. Once I plug that in, it will raise the temperature of the syrup between 10-20 degrees F an hour. Once it reaches 60-80F it pumps easily and I can pump all of the syrup into my finisher (a 2×6′ SS pan with 4 propane tube burners under it). That easily heats the syrup to make it ready to filter through the filter press and into the bottler. If the water line between the bulk tank outside and the water heater is thawed by mid-morning I can be bottling syrup midafternoon, The outdoor temperature has been above freezing since about noon yesterday , did not freeze last night and is not forecast to freeze tonight, but the pipeline between the tank and the sugarhouse lays on the ground and it was frozen hard yesterday from 30 hours where the temp fell from 35 down to 10 F and finally went back up noon yesterday. That pipe is 1″ maple mainline so it isn’t damaged by freezing but it warms slowly because no sun hits it.

I’m hopeful I’ll be packing Amber syrup tomorrow, if not it will be Wednesday .

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