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Issues with Stripe, a credit card service

I recently got shut down by Stripe, a credit card processor. I think they did it because of the bourbon barrel aged maple syrup I sell. They do not allow alcohol sales. This has little or no alcohol as is all of my bourbon barrel aged syrup. It gets heated to over 180F and let stand 2 or more times for 16-24 hrs each time to get rid of any possible alcohol. It has a perfect blend of maple and bourbon flavor without the alcohol! The extended times I let it set boil off any alcohol that might be in the syrup when I remove it from the bourbon barrel will evaporate off any alcohol, especially the final heating. On the first heating it’s just heated to 190F or higher and let set for at least 16 hrs as it cools. The final heating is i a non pressurized water jacketed bottler where a thermostat holds the syrup for at least 24 hrs at 186+/- 2 degrees F, then it’s bottled. Those heat cycles and times should evaporate any alcohol that might have been in the syrup in the syrup when removed from the bourbon barrel. Each such barrel is further drained before it’s filled with hot syrup to be certain no liquid bourbon is left in it, then while the syrup ages, 6-10 months depending on the size of the bourbon barrel (the larger the barrel the longer it tanks because the inside barrel surface area is less per gallon on a 30 gal barrel than on a 15 gal barrel for example). Right now, I’m aging a 30 gal barrel, my previous barrel was a 20 gal and before that I got a 15 gal barrel. Over the years the size I use to age seems to get larger, even though I prefer 15 gal barrelsw, too few 15’s seem to be available, much more often 30’s are used at least by the distillery I buy from, a somewhat local distillery. But they keep growing too, I may need to agen even larger batches in the future just because the local distillery starts doing larger sizes. They used to do 10 , 15 and 20 gal, now most is 30 gal batches.

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