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Must work on firewood

We use a wood fired evaporator and I’m behind this year on my wood preparation. Usually I have my wood all cut, split and stacked 1.5-2 years ahead. This year I don’t. Originally I thought I might switch to oil for my heat (in the evaporator) but then I looked at the piles of good logs I had and decided I’d burn wood one more year. The logs have been cut and stacked 2-3 years, but I have to cut them to length and split them real soon. We use 21-24″ long wood, split about wrist size and we add a full arm load every 9 minutes when boiling, that’s a lot of wood to process. If we have a good season I can burn 12-16 full cord in the evaporator, plus I’m adding a wood stove in the shop (my new shed) for when I’m working in there during cold weather.

I’ll resume processing it tomorrow, at least in the morning. Joan wants to go look at some puppies later if we can. She’s looking for a small breed of some type. She has a few calls in, awaiting return calls. After 50 years I’ve learned that if she wants something I shouldn’t stand in her way.


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