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Still waiting to do firewood

As it worked out I ended up finishing bottling the last of my syrup from the 2017 season this morning. Then having the new shed, I spent the afternoon hauling several loads from a storage unit I’ve been renting and I put it in the new shed. It was all maple stuff, lots of SS barrels and rolls of new tubing plus tubing fittings left from the 2017 season install. By then I was ready to go home and rest, but first I had to deliver more syrup to The Eclectic Chic, a store (the only store) I sell in.

Tomorrow I still have 2 pallets to haul back, both maple fittings and several cases of new buckets we use in our U-Pick Blueberry operation. Then I can turn the keys in after sweeping the floor and I’ll finally resume doing firewood. My Brother in law will be there to help.

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