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Bitter cold wind

At my sugarhouse I’m back in the woods enough that I generally don’t feel the wind, but yesterday I felt it. It was blowing hard enough out of the west that it blew in thru the cracks in the siding on the sugarhouse. In that direction it is over a mile of woods to protect from the wind, but I still got it.

I was busy packing that last barrel of syrup I had found among the empty SS barrels. I now have plenty of half gallons and quarts of Dark for the Christmas season.

Next I need to fill the 2 recently emptied bourbon barrels I bought to start 2 more batches of Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. They are 10 gal barrels, so they will need 6-7 months to age. I’ll very likely run out of my last batch from this year before these 2 new batches will be ready. I’ll fill those this weekend.

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