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Laid up

Today I had an unwanted day off. Yesterday at about 4-5 PM I started feeling a pressure in my side. It advanced rapidly and at 7:30 I was on my way to the ER. As suspected I had an episode of diverticulitis. I suspected it because I had it about 6-7 years ago and the pain was the same.

In the ER they sent me for a CAT scan which confirmed that was the problem. Then I was put on an antibiotic and a pain killer, then sent home. I was told to stay on a liquid diet until the pain was gone then to go with a low fiber diet. I was also told to stay home and get lots of rest.

It is now 24 hrs. later and most of the pain has gone, but not quite all. Will likely be confined to home one more day. Then on Thursday I have a Dr. appointment where I’ll be given further instructions.

I hope to be given the word that I can resume my maple work at that appointment. Even so, tomorrow I’ll start making the new drops I talked about in my previous post. Today I just rested as instructed. Making drops can be done sitting right at the kitchen table. I just cut a batch of 5/16 tubing at about 32-36″ in length, then I attach a tap (actually called a spile) on one  end and a Tee on the other end. I then them in Bundles of 25 and wrap them in tape just enough to hold them together. I’ll start with a hundred of two with 5/16 drops for 5/16″ lines and about 200 of 5/16 drops for 3/16 ” lines. The 5/16 lines are used in flatter areas and the 3/16 is used where there is more elevation change to gain the gravity generated vacuum I spoke of in that previous post.

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