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A question for those who buy my bourbon barrel aged maple syrup

Dave Klish

I’ve been doing a lot of business selling my bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, some even buy larger quantities at a time.

I recently got to wondering if there would be enough interest in customers to sell case lots at a slight discount. Is the interest there. At the sugarhouse I’ve sold full cases a few time and twice so far I’ve shipped that amount in one shipment, but I always had to repack those larger shipments in large flat rate USPS boxes. A large flat rate box, will not safely hold a full case worth. I have a reseller who is buying the larger amounts and I came up with a way to cut their cost. The idea came when I bought my last few reorders of the empty bottles I pack that syrup in. They put 5 or six cases of bottles in a large rather flimsy box that looks like a gorilla handled it when the shipment arrives, but I have not had even a single broken bottle in any of those shipments, the foam peanuts that surrounded each case did their job.

My plan then took me to a heavy duty box (HD) rather than a flimsy box and I did some pricing using USPS, priority mail. Even after paying my delivered cost for the HD boxes of $5.13 each, $2.66 + frt., on bundles of 15 boxes or multiple bundles cost the same per box, but frt. would be less on each, I could ship the full case protected by foam peanuts all around at a nice savings to the customer.

What I’m wondering would many of you buy case lots of either 12 of the 12.7 Fl Oz or 24 of the 6.76 Fl Oz bottles to save shipping costs and I’d even sell them at a 5% discount for the syrup?

If I get enough feed back saying yes, I will set this up in the near future. To leave a comment you can either post a comment on this site or email me directly:

Thank you for any feedback.


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