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Bourbon barrel aged maple syrup by the case

I am offering bourbon barrel aged maple syrup in case lots. The shipping will work out to be less than if the same quantity were to be ordered and shipped in a few flat rate boxes.

The heavy duty box I am using costs considerably and I have to add that cost to the cost but the total is still less. If anyone wants to order a case (24) of the 6.76 oz size, or a case of 12 of the 12.7 oz bottles send an email to Both for now must be ordered by email to me. Then I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Since both get packed in an oversized heavy duty box I need to handle it differently. Maybe sometime we will be able to program the site to do it, but that is proving a challenge for now.

I sense this will make the bourbon barrel aged maple syrup even more popular than it has so far, I will need to make more at a time just to keep up with the demand.

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