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Getting ready

I have taken the time to get more product ready for sale. Most grades and sizes are in stock now, but I will add more in the next 2 weeks as I ramp up for fall sales. Usually sales start to increase in August and then grow rapidly through December. I believe I’m in good shape to meet the demand. I still have all grades except Very Dark in stainless barrels, ready to be packed into any sizes that I run low on. I have a good supply of both sizes on bourbon barrel aged maple syrup already bottled. I also have another batch that should be ready late August and another batch that should be ready in early December.

Yesterday I started design work on my lean-to equipment shed so I could make a lumber list. Next I will saw the lumber needed from hemlock logs off my property. The only things I’ll need to buy for the project is sono tubes and concrete for concrete piers , pressure treated posts to support the open side and steel roofing. And of course screws to assemble it all. This will be attached to the 28′ side of my shop. When finished I’ll be able to park much of my farm equipment out of the weather.

I also still need to finish bucking and splitting my firewood for 2020, the logs are all piled, ready to cut.

Another project to be done soon is to put my new Lithium Iron Phosphate battery bank together for my back up power. The dead lead/acid batteries were removed and taken to the scrap yard this week.They served me well, the life expectancy was 7 years and I got 11 years out of them. The new battery bank should last 25-30 years the way I’m setting them up. I will be changing the charge profile for the longest life of the batteries. I’ve been studying how to do that.

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