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Been busy bottling more syrup

Sales have been quite good and we continue to bottle more from our SS barrels into retail containers. Last week we bottled more Dark, Strong taste, the week before we packed more bourbon barrel aged maple syrup and filled another barrel to start the aging process.

Tomorrow we should finish pulling taps for the year. Then later this week I will be bottling more Golden and Amber syrup into retail containers.

I have also been making improvements in my shop. I added more shelving and have organized it a lot in there, I still plan to add at least 1 more shelf, maybe 2 more for better organization and easier locating of things when needed.

I also plan to add a lean-to roof off one side for storing farm equipment. For that I’ll be sawing more lumber to build it.. That should be 8′ out from the building and at least 24′ long, maybe 28′ (The shop is 28′ long, I don’t know if I want to set it back 4′ in the front to make backing the long sap trailer around easier or if I’ll improve the circular drive to eliminate the need to back that trailer.

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