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Finished packing Amber syrup

I now have both Amber and dark maple syrup ready for ordering.

Both are at this time, in good supply but this season has been quite short. First it stayed too cold, and then once it started we got 6 good days and then we had an extended period of weather that was too warm, no overnight freezes. At least in my part of central NY it is the shortest season I’ve ever experienced. If much of the rest of the industry was the same, syrup may be in short supply, especially after the record breaking 2020 season for maple syrup sales over the entire maple world.

Our maple season in my past experience (2003-present) has been as short as 15 days and as long as 42 days, between first sap collection and last collection. 6 will be a sad new record, if in fact the season is over. We do still have some hope, while the red maples and silver maples are done, the sugar maples might still not be finished. Those buds are still tight, but the buds are getting slightly larger. If we get a freeze before they open, the season can last longer, but if the maple sugar buds open, the season is over until 2022. I will keep you posted.

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