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For local customers

Many of you know I have a syrup display at The Eclectic Chic, 21 Seneca Ave, Oneida Castle (the old Kime Home Center). I have great news, The Eclectic Chic is moving, no more hard to find parking, The Chic is moving to Glenwood Plaza, into the former Herb Phillipson’s Store. Loads of room and parking won’t be a problem. To top it all off, the owners of the shopping center have promised to repair the parking lot this summer.

The opening date for this move in June 1, 2021, stop in , get some syrup and check out all of the other vendors too. By the way, I also carry O’Keeffe’s Working Hands, Healthy Feet and all of the other O’Keeffe’s products. Additionally I carry Gorilla Glues, adhesives and Gorilla Tapes.

Come check us out, The Eclectic Chic, the fun place to shop!

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