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I need cooler weather

While as of this writing I still have syrup, but very little. I have more in barrels and will pack more as soon as the temperature cools down. When I re-pack syrup from a barrel into bottles or jugs I need to heat it in a 2×6′ finisher to 180+. Then I pump it thru the filter press to remove any sediment in the syrup (mostly what is an excess of minerals called sugar sand). Then it goes into my water jacketed bottler. In there it is heated and held at 185-187F. From there it is dispensed into retail containers, one at a time and capped. Finally it is labeled utilizing a serial number and each series of serial numbers is recorded in my log book (just starting and ending number of each barrel processed). The serial numbers are just in case I ever need to check a batch, which I so far have never needed to do.

At any rate, when the outside temperatures are over 70-75 max, it gets super hot in the sugarhouse, too hot to do the bottling. When I see a forecast of cooler weather, about 2 days out I’ll rewash all of the equipment, then pump the first barrel into the finisher, heat it to about 180 and pump it thru the filter and into the bottler. From there I’ll wait for the cooler temperature so I can bottle.

I suppose at some point I’ll need to put in an AC big enough to keep the area from getting too hot, but I’m not there yet.

As soon as I get the needed temperatures I’ll bottle a 30 gal barrel of Amber, a 30 gal barrel of Dark (which are the only grades I have) and a 15 gal barrel of Bourbon barrel Aged Maple Syrup.

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