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Back in stock soon

I have run out of some products, but it is temporary. On the first day when I have daytime temperatures in the 60’s, I’ll pack more. I have more of Amber, dark and bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, all in SS barrels or an oak bourbon barrel, I just need temperatures cool enough to be able to set over a bottler at over 185F to pack it. The forecast looks promising, maybe this Friday. Right now the forecast shows a high of 67F, if that holds I can start. It would take me 3 days to do it all, I might start tomorrow at slightly warmer, if I get too hot, I can return to it on Friday.

As of right now I still have a 30 gal barrel of Amber, having sold just 1 barrel worth since maple season started in early March, and I still have 2 barrels of dark, having sold 3 barrels worth in that same time frame.

While I’m low on bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, I’m not yet sold out. I only have one 15 gal oak barrel of it ready to bottle and it will likely be bottled before I run out of either size I used to sell it in. The next bottling will see a new size added, a 100ml bottle for $7.00. That will be added to the store as soon as I bottle some. While the 2 existing sizes sell about equally in terms of number sold, I suspect the 100ml might be a winner for Christmas gift giving.

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