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Correction on grade

Maple syrup darkens slightly every time it’s heated, the Amber barrel I was packing darkened just enough that it changed from Amber to Dark. In processing it I heated it to about 175 to filter it, then after filtering it the temperature was down to about 135 as it was pumped into the bottler. To bottle, it needs to be 180-190F, I heated it to 185 and then tested the grade (color), it was then Dark at 49% light transmission. Amber is 74-50%, Dark is 49-25%. In the heating to filter and then heating it up to bottle it had changed from 52% down to 49%. If I get a chance in by Wednesday, I’ll try to pack more Amber. However, if I don’t get it done by Wednesday, I’ll be laid up until late May from having surgery, and a no lifting order.

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