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I’m finally catching up.

Today I filled a barrel and got the bottler filled too. Tomorrow I’ll be packing more amber syrup.

I ran into a problem with my tractor, which set me back 2 days. It wouldn’t start. Check battery, it’s good, check battery cable clamps, one is bad, broken on one of 2 bands around battery post. (I don’t like those cheap cable clamps) I remove old clamp, attach new clamp (lead this time) but still won’t start.

Next I check the main fuse, opps, the fuse holder fell off in my hand, corroded wires. Call dealer, he doesn’t carry replacements, I go to NAPA, needing a 50A inline fuse holder and fuse, bought it at one store, had to drive 5 miles to another branch to get it, (Or wait 2 hours and it would be delivered to the first store. Then, of course, it’s a different design, so I had to cut off the original connectors, then crimp the new fuse holder into the wiring, (I really don’t like crimp connectors) but the tractor started. I’ll put that on my to do list, for summer, find a main fuse holder that can be attached by tightening screws and not crimp connections. However it must be small, there’s not much room for it to fit in the available space. I really doesn’t seem right for a 2012 tractor to need this, my 1981 tractor (but no loader to lift barrels) still has it’s original wiring fully intact.

Anyways, I’m finally ready to do syrup again, it’s sure a good thing I’m retired and don’t have a regular job to get in the way.

As I said above, I’ll bottle some amber tomorrow and tomorrow evening I’ll update the store inventory counts. I will be packing half pints, pints, some quarts and some half gallons, all in amber. So far I’ve gotten no dark yet, but it will likely change to dark soon, especially since the temperatures are on the warm side. As soon as I get some dark, I’ll fill in that inventory too and update my inventory on my website. By the way, this year’s amber is fantastic tasting for sure.

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