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I hope everyone had a great Easter ( or Passover or Ramadan)

We are gearing up for a busy spring and summer. Plans include tilling another area to plant more blueberries, not as large of a planting as the ones back 40 years ago, just adding another variety. We are also going to try our hand at propagating more of the new variety, (the price of new plants has increased 15-20 fold since our first planting and being we are both retired trying to plant 1/4-1/2 acre is cost prohibitive. I also have a couple of sawmilling projects, first will be to cut new planks for our trailer deck, (a 16′ long gooseneck trailer) and after that lots of cutting for an addition on my shop, 2 out buildings and an open, drive through saw shed to help protect the sawmill and to saw in. Soon it will be time to fertilize the 4.5 acres of existing blueberries (the new planting won’t get any fertilizer until next year. Then onto finishing the sawing and starting the construction. I don’t expect to complete all of the building projects this year, but hopefully by the end of 2024 if I’m lucky.

Do you also have projects planned for this year? How about next year?

Have a wonderful year!

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