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Hope to pack more soon

With the temperatures we’ve had this month, I’ve been holding off on packing more syrup. As soon as the daytime temperatures fall into the 60’s or lower I will be packing more dark syrup, my best selling grade, it just gets way too hot when packing, working over a 180F degree finisher then filtering the syrup into a canner set at 186+/- 1 degree F and metering out syrup as I fill jugs for sale.

I’m out of Amber syrup for packing more until the 2024 season, but I do have more dark to last until the next year. While I sell about 2 times as much Dark as I do Amber, I did run out of Amber , almost, I have some in jugs but no more to fill new jugs with. Hopefully next season I’ll get more Amber than I did this year, Time will tell. I could have easily used another 40 gal barrel full than I got this year. One thing that affects how much of any grade this time of year is how well my sales go at my one local outlet, and this year my sales there have been up about 250% over last year, and last year was up about 200% over the previous year. Infact the local outlet has had continual growth since I first started selling there over 10 years ago.

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