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May everyone have a wonderful Christmas and remember the reason for the season.

Locally my sales were phenomenal to say the least. Every year my sales go up, and this year was no exception. I only have one local store that I sell at, and this year my sales were nearly double last year’s sales and last year was a new record too!

Thank you to all who bought my syrup in 2023 and I hope I can meet your needs in 2024. I will continue to sell at The Eclectic Chic, In Glenwood Plaza, in Oneida, NY. I now need to pack more syrup to restock my display, That will come this week. I will restock all syrup sizes I carry (1/2 gal thru 1/2 pint) and I’ll also pack more bourbon barrel aged maple syrup to restock those 3 sizes as well, the 100ml, 200ml and the 375ml flask bottles, oz conversions are on the labels.

I’m getting ready for the upcoming maple season and as soon as that’s over I’ll be sawing lumber to add an addition onto my shop, part for more equipment storage and part for a blacksmith shop. Over the last 5-6 years I’ve gotten an Anvil (168#), A coal Forge, a hand crank blower, a few sets of tongs and some assorted hammers in preparation for a future blacksmith shop. I also have a supply of blacksmith coal and Hardwood charcoal for use in the forge. Now I’m hoping I can get it built in 2024 and actually start doing some first ever blacksmithing. At first I’ll try making some tools of the trade and ultimately I eventually want to make some items to sell, maybe on ebay, or maybe only at The Eclectic Chic.

At The Eclectic Chic I currently sell aside from my maple syrup, The Gorilla line of products, which also include the O’Keeffe’s line of hand and foot care and other skin care products.

The story: Back several years ago my oldest daughter gave me a jar of O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream for Christmas and it worked so well on my split, cracked hands I tried to buy more, but back then no drug store in my hometown carried it (yet!). So I contacted the manufacturer to see if I could become a dealer, They set me up and at first I only carried Working Hands and Working Feet (which later changed it’s name to Healthy Feet). As time went on O’Keeffe’s was bought out by Gorilla Glue, and they added several new products to the skin care line. Gorilla also brought on an extensive line of glues, tapes and sealants. About 3 years ago I added several of the Gorilla line and over the time since I’ve added many more. This has been a great product line for me and it gets better every year along with my syrup sales. While I now see O’Keeffe’s products in every drug store, in Lowes, Home Depot and TSC, my sales are strong. I may carry more of the O’Keeffe’s, and Gorilla lines than the others who carry those products and my prices are very competitive while still being profitable for me. I do not sell those lines on the internet because I could never keep up with all of the demand, I’m just a one man show! I’m happy just selling at The Eclectic Chic. At my age (77) I’m not looking to hire help nor partners.

Again, I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and A happy New Year. I also what to wish all who don’t celebrate Christmas The best and peace to all.

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