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I packed some today

After lots of interruptions I packed some half gal jugs of Amber today, more in a day or 2. Today I only packed 4 half gal for online sales and 6 for the Eclectic Chic sales, will do more in a day or 2. The other sizes can be put in either, but half gallons actually get 2 different jugs, one is shorter and squatty, the other slightly taller and a little slimmer. The reason I use different jugs in because when I ship 2 HG by USPS I can fit 2 of the shorter jug in a medium flat rate box, but that jug costs me $.65 more than the taller version. They do happen to be different brands and I like the taller jug brand better, except I can’t fit 2 in that box. Thus local sales get the taller brand and the shipped one get the shorter one if ordered in twos. For the taller brand I’d need to use a large flat rate box at over $6.00 extra which the customer would need to pay, thus I stock the 2 different brands in that size only. All other sizes are rarely shipped so I use the brand I like better (and at a slightly lower cost).

The temperature might be too extreme tomorrow, with high winds, if so, it’s forecast to be much better on Friday and I can bottle the rest then.

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