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We got hit hard

My previous post said I’d be packing more syrup today, that won’t happen. We got hit with 17″ of snow from mid evening on Feb 28th thru early morning on the 29th, then in the evening of the 29th into the morning of March 1st we got a few inches more. Today, March 1st as I type this the temperature is up to 39F and it’s forecast to go up to 45 mid afternoon. Then the forecast is for mild temperatures for the next few days, including mild over nights. Our snow will be either settled enough or be mostly gone by Sunday or Monday. I’ll pack then. My partner who makes the syrup is boiling now and will as long as the sap continues to flow.

Once I can again bottle, likely Sunday or Monday, I will resume and get that finished for now. I will need to pack again in about 8-12 weeks depending on sales most likely. Locals who shop The Eclectic Chic will see more stock about Tuesday or Wednesday March 5th or 6th and online shoppers will see new inventories on March 4th or 5th., most likely

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