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Wow, sales shot up!


The importance of exposure

Last Friday I reviewed my sales online at the only local store I’m in, they were way down. I went to the store and discovered someone had pushed a nice epoxied table I made for displaying my syrup by taking a wide oak board, about 2″ thick and 4′ long and attached it to the top of a used 53 gal oak barrel. The table had been pushed back about a foot off a main aisle and put their 10-12″ deep racks in front of my table. As such my table was then blocked from traffic on a main aisle and only open on a minor aisle going into a foods section in this very busy vendor mall.

That evening I texted the owner of that mall about what had changed, at that point I had only sold 4 jugs of syrup in the first 12 days of the month. She texted back that she would look into it in the morning. Well, she did and said another vendor had done it without permission, that vendor was now gone (I don’t know if it means just their racks were moved or if that vendor was out of the mall.). Anyways sales showed it right away, on both Saturday and Sunday my sales were back up where they should be, They are now very good.

It puzzles me how another vendor can just move a fancy display table back a foot or so and put their own metal racks blocking the fancy table from people on the main aisle having access to that table. At any rate, the last 2 days made up for the loss pretty much because the store was super busy both days. I just wish I’d seen that sooner but I didn’t. I was wondering why sales of syrup had slid so much, until I went to check on it. I likely lost a few hundred dollars in syrup sales because of that sneaky maneuver by the now “gone” vendor.

While one side of my table was still open to traffic as well as a 4′ wide wooden shelving rack that both have syrup on them but in a lower traffic ,mini food section, this shows how much more traffic sees items on the main aisle than in a lower traffic section just 4′ in off the main aisle. Huge difference., absolutely huge!

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